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The OC Club

California Here We Come

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All Members , Moderated
This community is closed until the new season starts. Any posts made will be deleted. Thank you

Welcome to The OC Club! Do you want the OC insders? Do you want to here about the real life couples and the future episodes? And have a new theme each week? then you should join The OC Club

This will all be credited to kissy___face for doing such an amazing job with the layout and user info. Thanks!

♥ Post your application within 42 hours of joining.
♥ When you apply use a LJ-cut and the correct cut text.
♥ You must be atleat 13 to join. NO KIDDIES!
♥ If you are rejected, you may apply again after one week.
♥ In the LJ-cut line put "The OC Club".
♥ In the subject line put 'Application'.
♥ Do not post/comment unless you have been accepted or you are asked to sway someones vote.
♥ Do not delete your application whether you have been accepted or not.
♥ Do not get "sassy" with people for voting against you or we'll give you an automatic NO.
♥ Promoting communities do not count as promoting us in the 3 places. They can only be ONE of the places.
♥ Arguing with any of our members will result in banishment. Arguing with a mod will result in DEATH!
♥ Do not respond to every comment made about your application. it's annoying.
♥ If you have a question, check LJ FAQs first to see about cuts, bolding, adding images, etc. NOT US!
♥ Copy the application and be sure to bold the questions!
♥ When asked your opinion on this community put this code "92657" so we know you read the rules.
♥ Try not to swear.
♥ DoNt TyP Leik DiS. cause thats gross.
♥ After 5 days the applications will be stamped. Don't bug the members to vote on you.
♥ Most importantly: promote and be active! Love the OC!

Your MOD and owner of this community is danserinpearls
The CO-MOD is kissy___face & if_i_forget_u

(this changes every week so be sure to check back!)
Marissa was having trouble kissing Ryan because he reminds her of Trey and what happened. Do you think she'll break it off with Ryan because of that or do you think she'll come clean and tell him everything that's going on?

General Info-
Hair color:
Eye color:
How much do you love the OC?:
What makes you cool?:

TV shows:

Your opinions on-
Paris Hilton:
Brittany Spears:
Drugs & Alcohol:
Gay Marriage:
This community:

How did you find out about this community (please be specific):
Promote us in at least 3 places (links please):

1-5 CLEAR pictures of you:


♥ Vote on all new applicants!! This is very important.
♥ Have a hot attitude, not a crap-tastic one please.
♥ Dont advertise communities unless you promte us in the community you are promoting, if you do it must be under a LJ-Cut.
♥ All pictures must be under a LJ cut.
♥ Participate in all of the themes you can and always check back.
♥ Be active, always.
♥ Be honest on rating. This IS a rating community.

Banner Credit to notagimmick thanks agian!

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