Jamie (jamie_the_girl) wrote in the_oc_club,


As you all know, the mod just closed this community. As you all may not know, I commented back to her with a few helpful words, and apparently she so rudely deleted it. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be leaving this community simply because I don't think it's a wise choice to close it, and that if anyone is interested in an OC community that is staying active with games throughout the summer you should all join oc_n_obsession, which I co-mod. There's a short, fun app to fill out and I'm sure you all will get in.
♥ Jamie
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I'm sorry about that.... I actually did it by accident.. belive it or not. I do however have one question for you.... After the new season starts again and the community does as well will you be coming back? Or are you gone for good?
I'm not sure. Sorry for accusing you though. ♥
No problem! I probably would have thought the same thing too.
and I hope that you do consider coming back to the community