BRI! (land_rover_gal) wrote in the_oc_club,

Hi could any of you do a huge favor for me i need one of you to IM DTIS10 on aim or yahoo and say to him call Michele at 314-210-6263 say its the girl that tryed to hook you up with Lani and goes to school in london and that you hung out with 2 christmass ago on your break ...say i couldnt do it because i dont have AIM anymore or yahoo, PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME i have A huge crush on this guy make sure he calls me PLEASE i have no other way to get ahold of him and i REally need to tell him how i feel for myself please im dan for me ♥ send him the link of my lj userinfo or journal or tell him to go to and type in fashiondrawa to see a picture of me please!!! if hes not on please add him and try later until hes on for me i'm sooo fucking desprate please!!!
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